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MonkeyPark Harrachov


  “MonkeyPark Harrachov” is situated in the vicinity of the last curve of the Harrachov bobsled track. It offers 14 obstacles, and it is 273 m long. The last two obstacle courses of the rope park lead through the thrilling 117 meter-long slide on a rope over a mountain lake.




The bobsled track in Harrachov, together with transportation equipment, is approximately 1,000 metres long, has a 38 metre drop, an average incline of 6%, and a maximum incline of 12%. It has 17 curves and two attractive above-ground crossings. The tow, as well as the track, is floodlit to enable evening rides. For the first time in the Czech Republic, the stainless steel track and tow channel is heated along the full length. 

Bobovka Harrachov 15-07-16 (102).JPG

Funpark Mamutek


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